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May 17, 2019

Pro-C - Station Repeats A common reason for a controller to repeat a cycle is too many programmed start times. Only one start time per active program is required, a second start time will cycle the program an additional time. NOTE: In the Start Times dial position, the numbers 1-4 do not represent stations. The numbers represent the program start times. Each program can start up to 4 times on the set days to water. One start time will activate all stations sequentially in that program. If you want the stations to operate one time in sequential order and then not repeat, set start times 2, 3, and 4 to OFF. Multiple start times in a program can be used for separate morning, afternoon, or evening watering cycles. Example: Program A has four stations (1-4) assigned to it and the program has one start time at 5:30 AM. At 5:30 AM, station 1 will water, followed by station 2, then station 3, and so on until all four stations have watered. Start times should appear as you see in the chart below: Start Times PROGRAM A PROGRAM B PROGRAM C 1 5:30AM OFF OFF 2 OFF OFF OFF 3 OFF OFF OFF 4 OFF OFF OFF Individual stations are assigned to a program (A,B,C). Each program requires only one start time to initiate a watering sequence of all the stations assigned to that program. Start times are assigned to programs, not stations. The controller will operate the stations in numerical order. When a station has completed its watering time, the controller will switch to the next station in that program automatically. Eliminating a Program Start Time With the dial set to the START TIMES position, push the and buttons until you reach 12:00 AM (Midnight). From this position push the button once to reach the “OFF” position. The “OFF” position is between 11:45 PM and 12:00 AM. NOTE: If a program has all four-start times turned off, then that program is off. (All other program details are retained.) Because there are no start times, there will be no watering with that program. This is a convenient way to stop watering on one program only without turning the dial to the OFF position.

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