P2C - Setting Program Start Times

  1. Turn the dial to the START TIMES position.
  2. Press the PRG button to select A, B, or C.
  3. Use the + and - buttons to change the start time. (Advances in 15-minute increments.) One start time will activate all stations sequentially in that program.
  4. Press the button to add another start time or the PRG button for the next program.

Eliminating a Program Start Time
With the dial set to the START TIMES position, push the + and - buttons until you reach 12:00 am (midnight). From this position, push the - button once to reach the OFF position.

IMPORTANT: All stations operate in numerical order. Only one program start time is required to activate a watering program. If a program has all four start times turned off, then that program is off (all other program details are retained). Because there are no start times, there will be no watering with that program.


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