Pro-C - Connecting a Hunter Remote

The Pro-C is compatible with Hunter remote controls. The SmartPort wiring harness (included with all Hunter remotes) allows for fast and easy use of Hunter controls. Hunter remotes make it possible for you to operate the system without having to walk back and forth to the controller.

To Install the SmartPort Connector
  1. Install a ½" (13 mm) female threaded “Tee” in the field wiring conduit approximately 12" (30 cm) below the Pro-C.
  2. Feed the red, white, and blue wires of the harnessthrough the base of the “Tee” and into the wiring compartment as shown.
  3. Screw the SmartPort harness housing into the “Tee” as shown.
  4. Attach the red wire to the screw slot marked AC1, attach the white wire to the screw slot marked AC2, attach the blue wire to the screw slot marked REM.

NOTE: Reversing the red and white wires will result in an “SP ERR” message.

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