Hydrawise Software Plans

Software Plans (1 Year)
Plan Description
HC-PLAN-HOME Home Plan (Free) - Our standard plan off ers free weather station connection, In App alerts, reporting and 1 user account
HC-PLAN-ENTHUSIAST Enthusiast Plan - Use multiple weather stations for hyper-local weather, receive SMS alerts, 5 user accounts
HC-PLAN-CONTRACTOR STARTER Contractor Starter (Free) - Manage up to 5 controllers and up to 5 contractor staff users
HC-PLAN-CONTRACTOR Contractor Plan - Manage up to 50 controllers and up to 5 contractor staff users
HC-PLAN-BRONZE Bronze Plan - Manage up to 100 controllers and up to 15 contractor staff users
HC-PLAN-SILVER Silver Plan - Manage up to 150 controllers and up to 30 contractor staff users
HC-PLAN-GOLD Gold Plan - Manage up to 200 controllers and up to 45 contractor staff users
HC-PLAN-PLATINUM Platinum Plan - Manage over 200 controllers and more than 45 contractor staff users