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X2 WAND Wi-Fi Module Troubleshooting4:29

X2 WAND Wi-Fi Module Troubleshooting

In this video, we will show you how to troubleshoot your WAND Wi-Fi module to successfully connect your X2 controller to the...Tags: Kontrol Ünİtelerİ, X2™, Saha Bilgisi, Tam UzunluktaPublished: 4 May, 2020Saha Bilgisi
X2 WI-Fi-Enabled Irrigation Controller with Hydrawise4:19

X2 WI-Fi-Enabled Irrigation Controller with Hydrawise

With the next-generation X2 controller from Hunter Industries, you don’t have to choose between Wi-Fi and dial-based...Tags: Hydrawise, X2™, Ürün Rehberi, Tam UzunluktaPublished: 28 February, 2020Ürün Rehberi
XC Hybrid Controller Basic Programming15:10

XC Hybrid Controller Basic Programming

This is an overview of the basic programming for the XC Hybrid Controller from Hunter Industries....Tags: Kontrol Ünİtelerİ, XC Hybrid, Saha Bilgisi, Tam UzunluktaPublished: 3 November, 2021Saha Bilgisi


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