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The project consists of 4500 m2 of irrigated area, there are 1500 m2 of Green Walls, 500 m2 of green

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Eliminate the Guesswork by Using Hunter's Commercial Irrigation Controller Configurator

The Hunter Commercial Irrigation Controller Configurator is designed specifically with the professional in mind to help you build a list of materials for your projects. This free tool allows you to export your material list to Microsoft Excel to add to a...

Hunter's Water Savings Calculator Helps You Save Water with Efficient Lawn Sprinkler Systems

Smart Irrigation Month may be coming to a close, but smart watering practices are always important. Hunter's Water Savings Calculator offers a way to see just how much water can be conserved when the most efficient Hunter sprinklers are put to use.  The...

Contractor Checklist Makes Irrigation Water Saving Inspections Easy

Irrigation inspections not only ensure a system is running smoothly, they can also be used to help homeowners save water and money. Hunter's Contractor Checklist can be used during a walkthrough to determine the overall health of the current system as...