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Coxmoor Golf Club with its storied history is located in Sutton-in-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire England

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Contractor Checklist Makes Yard Irrigation Inspections Easy

Irrigation inspections not only ensure a system is running smoothly, they can also be used to help homeowners save water and money. Hunter's Contractor Checklist can be used during a walkthrough to determine the overall health of the current system as...

New Videos Make Programming the Node Controller Easier Than Ever

Hunter recently released a total of ten new videos to help users program the new battery operated Node controller.  Offered in one comprehensive video, as well as nine topic specific versions, these videos make it easy to view and share exactly the...

Hunter Industries Introduces New Soil-Clik™ Moisture Sensor

Hunter is proud to release the newest member to the water conserving Clik family of sensors for irrigation systems, the Soil-Clik. The Soil-Clik is a soil moisture sensing device that prevents water waste by limiting irrigation as the landscape reaches...