How can I manually start a station on my Hunter Eco Logic controller?

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Manual Run – All Stations

Manual All Stations allows the operation of valves assigned to a program in sequential order.

1. Press and hold the button for three seconds. The will be displayed, along with the program letter. A station number will also be displayed.

2. Select program by pressing the button.

3. Use the or buttons to select the amount of time for the station to water if different from the run time displayed.

4. Use the button to move to the next station.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you reach the station at which you want watering to begin.

After 2 seconds of inactivity, manual watering will begin a sequence through each valve of the entire program. Once manual watering has been completed, the controller will automatically return to the automatic mode with no change in the previously set program.


Manual Run - Single Station

Manual Single Station function allows for the operation of a single valve.

1. Make sure each station has run time.

2. In the idle state with Current Time and Date showing hold down the button for three seconds.

3. Press the button twice and you will then see a hand with a number 1 in the middle. This symbolizes Manual Single Station mode.

4. Using the button go to the station desired.






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