Sports Fields

The MP Rotator has a lower precipitation rate than typical spray heads, so your run times need to be lengthened. Your run times with the MP Rotator may be two to three times longer than a standard spray zone. This is because the MP Rotator puts water down at a slower rate resulting in a significant reduction in runoff, thus saving large amounts of water.

The Hunter adjustment wrench consists of a 3/32 allen key, two convenient finger loops for gripping and an opposite side arc adjustment key for all your Hunter rotor adjustments.

The Hunter wrench is available through an through Hunter’s authorized distributors.

It is recommended procedure to first retrieve the program from a WVC, review and make necessary changes, and then transmit the new program back to the WVC.

The Erase All feature will erase all of the controller's memory and set everything back to factory presets. Once you perform an Erase All, all programming will be erased, including the Easy Retrieve saved programming. Erase All is usually performed when you would like to reprogram the controller from the beginning. To initiate an Erase All command, follow the steps below:

If want to clear the memory on your controller and start from fresh or if your controller is not responding to your commands, you can reset the X-Core.

X-CORE Reset

The ROAM XL is the updated version of the ICR remote control system.

The chattering you hear on a pump start relay is usually caused by insufficient amperage arriving at the relay from the controller.  The first question you should ask yourself is – Did this Relay work for some time before or is this new installation?