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Landscape Application:
Planned Community
20 km²
Temperature Range:
100 m
Keeping Dubai Luxury Communities Green: Hydrawise® Platform Makes Site Management Easy with Online Landscape Irrigation Control

Emaar Properties is one of the largest luxury developers in the United Arab Emirates. Its projects are often grand in scale, from massive housing projects spanning millions of square meters to huge commercial complexes. Among these is the Burj Khalifa skyscraper in Dubai, the world’s tallest building. 

The company manages many expansive communities. Emaar Community Management (ECM), a division of Emaar Properties, oversees these projects. Each design is unique and provides a high-class lifestyle for residents. Amenities include parks, golf courses, and recreational facilities.

The Challenge

ECM communities have large, open landscapes for residents to enjoy. Keeping them lush and green is a huge challenge. In the past, the company used traditional irrigation controllers. 

However, each controller required on-site programming and servicing. This forced the maintenance team to put in hours of travel and labor to make simple adjustments. 

The company realized it needed a more efficient solution. It became clear that a move to cloud-based water management was necessary. ECM decided to replace all controllers with new ones that could connect and communicate via cloud software.

The Solution

After reviewing several options, ECM chose the Hydrawise irrigation management platform from Hunter Industries. Hydrawise is easy to use and packed with helpful features. The software adjusts watering daily based on local weather conditions. Plus, it allows the company to manage multiple controllers, sites, and crews using a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Installation started in November 2019. ECM replaced 144 controllers in the Emirates Living Community with HCC controllers. The HCC controller can manage irrigation for up to 54 stations, making it an ideal choice to meet the needs of big ECM communities. In August 2020, 52 more HCC controllers were installed at the Arabian Ranches Community.

The Result

Today, the Hydrawise system helps ECM maintain beautiful outdoor living spaces. Wi-Fi lets the team make changes online instead of on-site. Travel time and labor costs are significantly reduced. 

Hydrawise also saves water. It tracks the weather and updates watering schedules as needed. The software sends warnings about broken pipes or faulty solenoids. Identifying maintenance needs in this way makes it possible to fix them quickly and easily.

The Hydrawise platform has proven to be a smart, money-saving solution for the company’s water management needs.