Where Innovation Meets Conservation

Hunter is committed to manufacturing products that use only the water and energy needed to get the job done efficiently.

We accomplish this in our irrigation business by constantly innovating new solutions that apply water to soil at a rate that is matched with soil absorption. These solutions avoid run-off and therefore save water and reduce water pollution.

From a lighting standpoint, we are also constantly expanding our LED line to the limits of available technology. The result? Greater lighting impact on the nighttime landscape aesthetic while using less energy. While many of Hunter Industries' products are designed with conservation in mind, here are a few we feel stand as exemplary:

Pro-C with Solar Sync

Modular, full-featured controllers with built-in Solar Sync weather sensors that automatically adjust run times based on changing weather conditions.

MP Rotator

Revolutionary multi-stream rotator that delivers water at the rate it is absorbed by the soil. Proven to reduce system water usage by 30% and decrease run-off.


Pro-Spray PRS30 and PRS40

In-stem PSI regulators provide optimal performance. PRS30 operates at 30 PSI and is designed for spray nozzles. PRS40 runs at 40 PSI and was designed for use with the MP Rotator.


This unique innovation brings fixed or adjustable pressure regulation to any Hunter valve, and achieves water savings by operating any zone at an optimal pressure.


Hunter Flow Sensor

Keeps track of site water use for irrigation as well as overflow protection in the event of a pipe breakage or sprinkler damage.

Check Valves

An economical water-saver that eliminates low head drainage for sprinklers located on slopes.