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How do I contact Hunter's Technical Support?

For technical assistance with Hunter products, you can contact Hunter Technical Support by calling 1-800-733-2823, Mon-Fri 6 a.m.-4 p.m. PST, or send an email

How do I get to online training?

Visit training.hunterindustries.com, log in or create an account, click on courses and enroll at no cost.

How do I download your videos?

Go to our Video Library to find the video you’d like to download. Click on the thumbnail and on the next page you will see a “Download” button. Click that button, then right click on the desired file format and select “Save as…” to download

How do I use your nozzle charts?

Our nozzle charts are organized by model number, radius of throw, flow rate, and precipitation rate. If you are looking for a particular radius of throw, you can identify the corresponding nozzle model and the required pressure at the spray head to reach that throw radius. Once you have the model and pressure, you can determine the flow and precipitation rate at the desired radius. The precipitation rate is the amount of water applied to the landscape assuming head to head coverage, and it is identified in our nozzle charts as "precip in/hr". Within the precipitation rate column, you will find two shapes. The shows the precipitation rate for the sprinklers spaced in a square pattern. The shows the precipitation rate for the sprinklers spaced in an equilateral triangle pattern.

Where can I find the top 3 features for each of Hunter's Products?

On each product webpage, we have a set of tabs. Click on “Overview” to see a list of features. Keep scrolling down to view more detailed advanced features.

How do I see my employees' online training grades?

Please contact training@hunterindustries.com to request training grade reports.

Has my order shipped?

Please call 1-800-383-4747 for order status.

How can I return products under warranty?

To find out if your product is under warranty, visit our Warranty webpage. Be sure to check the date code on the product to determine if it’s still under warranty. Use our Product Warranty Date Code Guide for assistance. Please call 1-800-383-4747 to start a warranty return or if you have any questions.