Soil-Clik - Instalación de la sonda Soil-Clik

1. Soak lower two-thirds of probe for 30 minutes before installing. Do not allow water to cover the top cap where wires are connected.

2. Use 1 ⁄ 2" (12 mm) PVC pipe to make a vertical hole to desired depth in the soil (outside diameter 7/8" (22 mm)).

3. Mix a slurry of native soil and water, and pour into the hole.

4. Place sensor in vertical position (do not tilt more than 45°) at bottom of hole.

NOTE: Do NOT install probe horizontally.

5. Pack native soil tightly around probe. Soil must be in full contact with probe.

6. Allow the probe to acclimate for 2 to 3 days and water normally, before proceeding to sensor-based irrigation.

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