Data Retrieval Unit

Come rain or come shine, Data Retrieval delivers with maximum efficiency
Supported Sensors Wind / Flow / Rain / Freeze


Data Retrieval Unit
Data Retrieval Unit
Data Retrieval Unit
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  • Input Power: 105-125 VAC, 60 Hz at ½ amp maximum
  • Input Power SV Version: 205-230 VAC, 50 Hz at ½ amp maximum


  • Wireless: UHF (450-470 MHz) 2 watt narrow-band radio
  • Wired: Uses Hunter GCBL cable
  • Use RASREM remote antenna with Radio Data Retrieval Unit, supplied separately


  • SV: 230 VAC, 50 Hz


  • GENDATAN = Wind speed & direction
  • GENDATFL = Flow sensor
  • GENDATRC = Rain gauge
  • Mini-Clik = Rain sensor
  • Wind-Click = Wind sensor
  • Freeze-Click = Freeze sensor
  • MWS = Mini weather station
    (Combines mini, wind- and freeze-clicks)


Data Retrieval works with Surveyor and VSX controllers to connect the real world to your central system with the ability to monitor flow and other conditions out on the course. Serving as the ideal complement to the central control system, a Data Retrieval Unit (DRU) can be connected with up to 6 sensors — including flow, wind speed and direction, rain and contact closures to provide updated input for system status, custom reports, and alarm monitoring.

Principaux avantages

Up to 6 sensors per unit and 16 units per system
Powerful software functions in Surveyor™ for custom alarm reporting
Stop watering based on adjustable wind speed and direction parameters
All-weather lockable wall-mount metal cabinet
Data monitored live or stored in non-volatile memory




Height 16"
Width 12½"
Depth 4¾"



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