VSX Field Controller

The VSX™ Field Controller can be used as a stand-alone field controller or linked by wire or radio to Surveyor central control
Application Golf
Number of Stations Up to 60


VSX Field Controller
VSX Field Controller
VSX Field Controller
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  • Input power: 105-125 VAC, 60 Hz at 1 amp maximum
  • Power input SV version: 205-230 VAC, 50 Hz at 0.62 amps maximum
  • Station output: *24 VAC, 50/60 Hz at 1 amp maximum per station
  • 3 amps total output for controller
  • *Note: If connected, the pump output is 1 amp maximum


  • Wireless: 2 watt UHF (450-470 MHz) narrow band radio
  • Wired: Uses Hunter GCBL cable


  • GCBL: Direct-bury, two twisted pair, shielded cable
  • GCBLA: Armored, direct-bury, two twisted pair, shielded cable


  • SW: On-Off-Auto mechanical station switches
  • SV: 230 VAC versions (50/60 Hz, selectable)
  • TRNR: Handheld radio for maintenance and communications
  • TRIRADKT: Handheld radio capability for wired systems. Does not include TRNR radio.


The VSX™ Field Controller is a premium heavy-duty irrigation controller, with up to 64 programs stored in its non-volatile memory, enabling it to water massive irrigation schedules without direction from the central computer. VSX Field Controllers include user-defined presets for one-touch triggering of common functions such as syringing and trouble-spot watering.

Principaux avantages

64 programs, manual and semi-auto functions
Multiple cycles, and cycle delays
Up to 60 station with optional on-off-auto mechanical station switches
Non-volatile field resident memory prevents lost irrigation in event of power or communication failure
Heavy duty surge and lightning protection
Automatic current overload protection
User-defined presets & blocks automate common functions
Modular communications options permits communications upgrades at any time

Fonctionnalités avancées

The VSX is built tough inside and out. The illuminated display is great for early mornings or the occasional late night.  The water-resistant keypad means you you are safe from accidental overspray when the lid is open.

VSX Golf Controller Keypad

Your controller can grow with your course. Start with 20 -- grow to 60.

Golf Irrigation Controller Expansion



VSX Plastic Pedestal

Height 36"
Width 13 ½"
Depth 10"
Also available in stainless steel



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