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May 19, 2021

Hunter Industries Battery Operated Controllers provide irrigation solutions for many situations and can do just about everything a standard AC controller can do, including multiple zone support, master valve control, multiple programs and run times, and weather sensor compatibility to prevent water waste. In situations when power is not available or it’s cost-prohibitive to run wires, a battery-operated controller is the best choice to automate your irrigation system.Let's look at three options available from Hunter Industries for battery-operated controllers: XC-HYBRID, NODE, and NODE-BT. The XC Hybrid, NODE and NODE-BT use standard A,B,C programming with three programs and multiple start times each. Attach a wired Rain-Clik, Mini-Clik, or Freeze-Clik sensor to any controller for maximum water savings. Suspend irrigation up to 99 Days with Programmable Days Off, restore the full irrigation program with Easy Retrieve memory, and utilize a Pump/Master Valve and Delay Between Stations. Whichever battery-operated controller you choose for your next unique irrigation project, Hunter Industires has you covered with the best solutions in the industry when conventional controllers just won’t work. Learn more at hunterindustries.com.



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