At Hunter, we want our employees to be as healthy and happy as possible. One way we make good on that promise is by providing an onsite Wellness Center at our main corporate campus in San Marcos, CA. The Wellness Center includes a gym, locker rooms, and a full spectrum of exercise equipment and fitness programs. It is tremendously popular throughout the company, and has helped numerous employees live healthier, happier lives both in and out of work. One of the reasons the Wellness Center has been so successful, is because of its leader, Amador Porras. 

Amador is the Health and Wellness Manager at Hunter, and has been with the company for over 14 years. As such, he manages the staff and budgets, leads various exercise classes, and develops individual fitness programs. He also conducts fitness assessments and serves as a liaison between the Wellness Center and the Hunter Benefits Department.
Under Amador’s tireless leadership, the Wellness Center has thrived beyond all expectations. Perhaps one of the biggest milestones Amador has played a major role in is the implementation of the Hunter Lifeshift Program. This cutting edge program allows participating employees to lower their health insurance costs through evidence of exercise and healthy living. 
While the Hunter community may be tremendously appreciative of Amador, he makes it quite clear that the feeling is mutual. He says he loves working at Hunter because, “They treat employees like family and have created a great environment where everyone can thrive.”
Above all, Amador said he feels lucky to work at Hunter because it allows him to pursue his passion of inspiring others to live a healthy lifestyle that betters the mind, body and spirit.  When he’s not helping the multitude of Hunter employees better their lives through fitness, Amador enjoys spending time with his wife, daughter, and Chihuahua.