A full range of convenient service tools and auxiliary items for irrigation systems that save time and make jobs easier.

  • Hunter Wrench

    Rotor Adjustment Tool
    P/N 172000

  • "T" Handle Tool

    T-Handle Tool
    P/N 053191

  • Rotor Pitot Gauge and Tube Assembly

    Rotor Pitot Gauge and Tube Assembly
    P/N 280100

  • MP Gauge Assembly

    MP Gauge Assembly

  • MP Tool

    MP Tool

  • Nozzle Insertion Collar

    Nozzle Insertion Collar
    P/N 123200

  • Hand Pump

    Hand Pump
    P/N 460302

  • SpotShot Hose-End Nozzle

    SpotShot Hose-End Nozzle
    ¾" P/N 160700
    1" P/N 160705

  • Pocket Punch

    Hunter Emitter Multi Tool
    P/N HEMT
    (Punches pilot holes and pellets, inserts and removes emitters, cuts tubing)

  • Pocket Punch

    ST1600 Tool
    P/N 517600

  • ICD-HP

    ICD-HP Handheld Programmer for decoder modules
    P/N ICD-HP