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Water Agency Resources

Partnering with Water Agencies to Conserve Water with Professional Products, Tools, and Resources

Water is the source of life for our communities. Water agencies are charged with procuring, conveying, managing, and allocating this vital resource. To solve the complex and evolving challenges related to landscape water use, management, and conservation, Hunter Industries is your partner of choice.

Hunter irrigation products, tools, resources, and services can help you maximize your impacts throughout the communities where we all live, work, and play. Our full line of irrigation solutions is designed with real-world applications in mind. From homeowners and landscapers to professional water managers and golf courses, reliable and easy-to-install Hunter products allow anyone to optimize landscape water efficiency, no matter their skill level.

To demonstrate our commitment to landscape water efficiency, Hunter provides industry-leading educational programs and technical support resources to empower water agencies to find new ways to save water. Highly efficient Hunter irrigation solutions offer the reliability and flexibility needed to conserve water and promote sustainable green spaces in any setting.


Product Solutions

We are committed to developing and offering top-quality solutions to maximize irrigation efficiency through sustainable practices. We have innovated ways to manufacture products with recycled materials while maintaining strong performance standards to withstand the tough conditions of public spaces. As a partner of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Hunter offers EPA WaterSense certified products guaranteed to save water.

Drought Preparedness & Water Conservation

Drought management should not equate to deficient watering or prescriptive irrigation control run times. Green infrastructure must be maintained to ensure we maximize its benefits, increase carbon sequestration, and create sustainable communities. Hunter tools, resources, and products sustain the value of green infrastructure while helping mitigate the impacts of drought.

Smart Irrigation Controllers

Hunter Industries makes the complicated task of irrigation control easy for anyone. Our complete line of EPA WaterSense certified smart irrigation controllers has been promoted with serval industry rebates.

Sprinkler Heads with Rebates

Trusted by professionals around the world, high-efficiency MP Rotator® Nozzles are a field-proven solution to save water. Learn how the innovative slow-rotating streams offer unmatched performance and easy retrofits in any landscape.

Planning & Design Resources

Planning for water efficiency makes water conservation a breeze. Hunter offers a comprehensive library of tools and resources to get projects started in the right direction.

Site Studies

Landscape and irrigation solutions from around the world.

Design Guides

Work smarter with these design guides.

Water Management Tools & Run Time Calculators

These easy-to-use tools and resources help maximize water use efficiency and support healthy landscapes.


Hunter offers free online training on product features, applications, troubleshooting, and maintenance.

Hunter University

Earn training certifications and continued education credits.

Video Library

A full library of product insight, site studies, guides and more.

Irrigation Auditing

Auditing an irrigation system is a great way to identify water conservation opportunities. Increase irrigation efficiency by following our Site Audit Checklist.

Support & Troubleshooting

We are committed to providing comprehensive end-to-end support for every product we manufacture. Visit our support library for instant access to installation tips, design techniques, product education, and more.

Contact Us

Hunter Industries is your partner in water conservation. Consider us an extension of your agency and let us know how we can support your programs, projects, and community outreach goals. Contact us today to learn more.

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