Large-scale sites such as shopping centers, industrial complexes, college campuses, and multi-unit housing complexes require high-powered remotes that can cover long distances. The new Roam XL long distance remote is a powerhouse in a small package. It features a simple user interface with 128 different programmable addresses. It also boasts a signal strong enough to go through buildings at long distances. With nothing in its line of site, the Roam XL can communicate with your Hunter controller from up to two miles away. The compact, high-powered remote is a single unit that can be carried from job to job and used to remotely access Hunter controllers that are SmartPort capable. The Roam XL eliminates the need to walk to the controller to start or stop a cycle during maintenance, installation or winterization. Due to the enhanced innovations of the Roam XL, it is no longer necessary to produce the former large site remote offered by Hunter, the ICR.

Purchase the new Roam XL, and experience the increased efficiency and flexibility it offers your business.

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