The ST-90 synthetic turf rotor is designed for installation in natural turf adjacent to the playing surface — the perfect solution for small and midsize fields.
Application Synthetic Turf Sports Fields
Radius 103' to 120'
Flow 74.5 to 92.0 GPM
Inlet Size 1½" NPT
Product Line
ST System


Modello Descrizione Aggiungi a elenco
ST-90-B-73 Turbina per erba sintetica, pistone da 8 cm, coperchio con ghiera, regolabile da 40° a 360°, ingresso BSP da 1½" (40 mm), ugello 73 installato +
ST-90-B-83 Turbina per erba sintetica, pistone da 8 cm, coperchio con ghiera, regolabile da 40° a 360°, ingresso BSP da 1½" (40 mm), ugello 83 installato +
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Caratteristiche tecniche

Operating Specifications

  • Radius: 103' to 120'
  • Flow: 74.5 to 92.0 GPM
  • Operating pressure range: 100 to 120 PSI
  • Precipitation rate: 1.25 in/hr approximately
  • Warranty period: 5 years for component parts


User-Installed Options

  • Rubber Cover Kit ST-90: P/N 234200


The perfect solution for small-to-midsize synthetic turf field layouts. Designed for installation adjacent to the synthetic field, the ST-90 rotor provides a cost-competitive solution with a radius range up to 120'.

Vantaggi principali

Flexible arc adjustment from 40° to 360° offers narrow-to-wide coverage
QuickCheck™ Arc Mechanism lets you verify the arc setting without waiting for the sprinkler to finish its rotation
Through-the-top arc adjustment allows you to easily set the arc at the sprinkler head
Water-lubricated gear drive delivers reliable operation without clogging
Factory-installed rubber logo cap increases athlete safety on the field
Nozzle trajectory: 22.5°

Funzioni avanzate

The ST-90 rotor features jar-top access to the riser assembly for easy maintenance and a smaller exposed surface area that minimizes sprinkler contact for greater player safety.


STG-900 Nozzle Performance Data
Nozzle Pressure
Precip in/hr
100 103 74.5 1.35 1.56
110 109 77 1.25 1.44
120 115 79.6 1.16 1.34
100 112 84.2 1.29 1.49
110 116 88.1 1.26 1.46
120 120 92 1.23 1.42

All precipitation rates calculated for 180 degree operation. For precipitation rate of 360 degree sprinkler divide by 2.
Requires minimum 100 PSI dynamic pressure supplied to swing joint inlet.


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