TurfWeather Station

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TurfWeather Station
TurfWeather Station
TurfWeather Station
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The Hunter TurfWeather station allows your irrigation system to work in sync with the local weather so you can build the healthiest possible turf. With a 60-day data logger and onboard evapotranspiration (ET) calculation it ensures irrigation water is used as efficiently and sparingly as possible. For wireless power, the TurfWeather station even has a solar option.

Vantaggi principali

Includes built-in 60-day data logger with onboard evapotranspiration (ET) calculation (modified Penman-Monteith equation for turfgrass)
Wireless package uses 2.4 GHz license-free technology
- 2.4 GHz radio systems can reach up to 2,600'
- In rural areas, try the license-free, 900 MHz radio for links up to 2,600'
- Wired systems use Hunter GCBL, direct-bury cable with a range of 400' (dedicated nine-pin serial computer port required)
Optional Solar Panel Kit provides wireless power
- Simple installation and versatile mounting with onboard 800 mAh rechargeable gel cell battery with 18 VDC transformer and 20' power cable
Weatherproof construction: With UV-stabilized enclosure, weatherproof external connectors, and long-life coated circuit boards
UL, cUL, and CE certifications