Hunter Launches the Second Level of the Product Specialist Program

Friday, June 21, 2013

Given the need for training on the proper use of Hunter products, Hunter offers the Product Specialist Program, which consists of three levels of competency: Technician, Specialist, and Expert.

The Technician Level consists of 10 courses that provide an overview of the features included in Hunter products and how these features can be applied to real applications.

The Specialist Level, which was recently launched, focusses on a specific product and provides a deeper understanding of how the features work as well as how to properly install and configure the product. The Specialist Level will encompass several designations. Currently, the designation available is the I-Core and DUAL Specialist, and it requires completion of the Technician Level.

The Expert Level will include live workshops as part of its curricula. This level is expected to be launched in Fall of 2013.

Upon completion of each level, participants will receive a certificate, and a level-designated pin and patch. To learn more about the Product Specialist Program and levels currently offered, please visit the Training Website,

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