Hunter Industries Announces a New Certificate Program: The FX Luminaire Lighting Designer Program

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Hunter Industries is proud to announce the FX Luminaire Lighting Designer certificate program.  In an effort to provide contractors entering the lighting market with guidelines to design their lighting projects, Hunter Industries developed a series of ten training videos. 

These videos address a variety of situations. In a casual style, experienced contractors give their logic behind the placement of fixtures and the technical implications for choosing a particular layout.

Courses include topics from Lighting Pathways to Lighting Outdoor Kitchens and Arbors.  The goal of this certificate program is to equip contractors with the latest knowledge and trends so that they can maximize their skills. 

At Hunter Industries, we are constantly seeking ways to help our customers grow their businesses, and one way to do this is through continuous training.  Upon completion of the program, participants obtain a certificate.  There is no cost for participation, and the program can be accessed through the Hunter Online Training website anytime, anywhere.

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