Hunter Industries Recognized by Green Builder Media for Leadership in Sustainability

Monday, September 24, 2018

We are proud to announce that Hunter Industries has been honored as a 2018 Eco-Leader in sustainable business practices by Green Builder magazine, joining other leading companies such as Toyota, Panasonic, and Whirlpool.

We were selected in part because of our robust Corporate Social Responsibility reporting efforts. Annually since 2012, we have released a transparent and honest summation of our goals to find a balance between the people we influence, the planet we impact, and the profits we earn. In addition, we continue to develop products that maximize water and energy savings, from our industry-leading Wi-Fi-based Hydrawise™ irrigation management software to our Low-Energy Precision Application (LEPA) bubblers, which are developed and produced by our agricultural irrigation division, Senninger Irrigation

Our core value of social responsibility influences our global manufacturing processes. As we move toward our goal of becoming a zero-net-waste company, we have approached waste-reduction challenges with a double-pronged mitigation and minimization strategy. In our factories, we generate plastic waste known as cold runners, which are leftover pieces of plastic resulting from channels in a mold. However, over the past two years, we have strived to collect, clean, and grind as much cold runner material as possible, and then use it to build new products rather than disposing it.

This year, we also introduced the Ann Hunter-Welborn Circle of Excellence Award to commend others within our industry for embracing sustainable practices and policies.

“Our overall goal of creating a resilient and sustainable industry can only be accomplished by establishing partnerships where we can share ideas, challenge actions, and encourage others to follow,” said Bryce Carnehl, Corporate Sustainability Manager.

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