As the global community made strides toward a post-pandemic recovery in 2022, Hunter Industries continued to face supply chain disruptions that affected their operations. By working together with stakeholders, they overcame these hurdles and made progress toward their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals, which are outlined in the 11th annual Hunter CSR Report.


Throughout the year, Hunter worked diligently to embed CSR principles throughout their organization, fostering collaboration across departments and engaging subject matter experts and process owners in various projects. The company focused on achieving their CSR objectives while making a positive impact on local communities and the environment.

“Achieving our CSR goals is a collective effort that requires the participation of our employees, customers, and suppliers. Looking ahead, we remain committed to growing our business sustainably, supporting our communities, and preserving our planet for future generations.”

–Warren Gorowitz, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility

This report includes:

•    A word from CEO Greg Hunter
•    Stories about the impactful volunteer work performed in local communities throughout the year
•    Highlights from key achievements toward their CSR goals