There’s nothing like a friendly competition to fire up a crowd. If you attended the 2023 ASLA Conference on Landscape Architecture and EXPO and just happened to be at the Hunter booth on October 28 at 4 p.m., you may have experienced this for yourself. 

At that time, hundreds of landscape architecture students and alumni broke into raucous renditions of their school songs, hoping to place as “Most Spirited” in Hunter’s University Spirit Contest. Hosting events like this is not only great fun; it also gives Hunter representatives a chance to meet the next generation of landscape professionals. 

Throughout its history, Hunter Industries has believed that investing in emerging landscape architecture professionals directly benefits the communities where we all live, work, and play. That’s why Hunter supports collegiate landscape architecture and design programs. Sponsoring the LABash Block Party at the recent ASLA Convention demonstrates this commitment, but it doesn’t stop there.

Starting in 2019, Hunter Industries has pledged annual donations to collegiate landscape architecture and design programs. Since then, the company has donated nearly $50,000 to over 80 programs. The donations go directly to landscape architecture programs, and the funds are used for class materials, sponsorships for student attendance at the ASLA Conference and LABash event, and even laptops and books for low-income students. 

How can you participate? Attend the next ASLA conference in October 2024. Stop by the Hunter booth and pledge a portion of the company’s donation fund to a collegiate program of your choice. Each pledge receives a share of the fund — the more pledges a university program receives, the more the portion grows. Utah State University, University of Arkansas, and Arizona State University were the top pledge recipients in 2023. 

Who will it be this year? Visit the Hunter booth during the 2024 ASLA Conference in Washington, D.C., to find out! When you pledge a portion of the Hunter university fund to your preferred college program, you’ll be able to show your school spirit while helping to support emerging landscape architecture professionals.