As part of the 2012 Health Enhancement Research Organization (HERO) Forum, Hunter Industries formally received one of two honorable mention recognitions from the C. Everett Koop National Health Awards for its culturally competent, integrated health management program and their ability to document cost savings through high program participation among its diverse workforce.

Hunter Industries' commitment to the health and welfare of their workforce includes investments in employee wellness programs, onsite fitness facilities, and a partnership with Viridian Health Management.

"We have a diverse population of over 800 employees," said Ann Hunter-Wellborn, Chairman of the Board at Hunter Industries. "We were really looking for a way to improve the health of our employees, while at the same time reduce our healthcare costs."

Sharon Clark, Benefits and Compensation Manager at Hunter Industries added, "During the first year of our program, we obtained biometric screening and health risk assessment data from 85 percent of our employees. This was remarkable because we have three shifts, a remote sales force and our employees have a variety of languages, cultures and literacy levels. By leveraging the expertise of Viridian Health Management, we were able to achieve this initial engagement due to a robust communications strategy that reflected our corporate culture, and the flexibility of the program design to overcome barriers."