Current situations dictating a subsurface irrigation system vary from legislative mandate to controlling vandalism, runoff and everything in between. At Hunter, we believe the main criteria for successful subsurface irrigation is the uniform lateral movement of water. Different soils have different abilities to move water horizontally, and traditional solutions of reduced row spacing and increased run times are not an efficient use of water. The Eco-Mat provides the best solution to this problem by rapidly moving water away from the emitter to the fleece-wrapped tubing and then to the Eco-Mat.

Another distinct advantage of the Eco-Mat’s irrigation process is that it provides a reservoir of water by holding a half-gallon of water in every square yard of mat. This provides additional water holding capacity for extremely light soils like sand or green roof growing media.

Typical drip irrigation equipment is not designed to perform well in this environment because the irrigation water drains before it can move laterally. Eco-Mat overcomes these challenges through uniform lateral water movement and water storage.

From the rooftop, to the city park, the schoolyard, and pretty much anywhere else overhead irrigation is challenging, Eco-Mat provides the perfect solution. Click here to learn more about Eco-Mat.