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Temperature Range:
0˚-50˚ (C)
Synthetic Soccer Pitch

Adelaide Shores operates a major sporting complex in Adelaide’s western suburbs. Their next project was to develop a synthetic surface soccer pitch suitable for national and international competition. A decision was made early, that all irrigation components would need to be out of sight, below ground, and outside the playing surface. The Hunter STK-6B sprinkler package was a natural choice to fill such a design brief but also provide the performance demanded by these surfaces.

The Challenge

Provide 600kPa at the base of the sprinklers to achieve the 45m radius required, with #24 nozzles. An existing main pump station servicing other parts of the complex is 700m away and could only provide 510kPa at the sprinklers, and could not be increased. 

The Solution

Install an in-line booster pump specifically for the soccer pitch. A variable speed pump was specified and set with a discharge head 0f approximately 650kPa, ensuring perfect performance from the #24 nozzles. Supply pipe is 160mm electro-fusion welded high density polyethylene (HDPE) with a loop of 90mm HDPE around the pitch. 

The Result

Unobtrusive infrastructure, valve boxes were covered with synthetic turf, great coverage, and a happy client.