Mini-Clik - Bypassing the Sensor

All Hunter controllers are equipped with a built-in bypass that allows you to override an active sensor.

Hunter X-Core, XC Hybrid, Pro-C, PCC, ICC2, and I-Core controllers have a rain sensor bypass switch located on the facepack. To bypass the sensor using the switch on the controller, slide the switch to BYPASS, or away from ACTIVE. Sliding the switch back will re-enable the sensor.

The Hunter Node controller allows for sensor bypass. Click here for instructions to bypass the Rain-Clik sensor on the Node.

For controllers not equipped with a sensor bypass switch (Hydrawise/ACC/ACC2 models have this feature in SENSOR CONFIGURATION), should you desire to bypass the operation of the Mini-Clik for any reason (i.e., turn on your system even though the Mini-Clik has shut “off” due to rainfall), there are two simple ways to do this. The first is to add our Bypass Switch Box (P/N BPSW). This mounts on or next to the controller, and by simply moving the switch, the Mini-Clik is bypassed. The second method is to go to the Mini-Clik and raise the “cap” a couple of settings higher or completely remove it. This takes the pressure off the switch button, which allows the valve circuit to close again.

Note: Using the “manual” switch on non-Hunter controllers typically will not bypass the sensor.

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