Pilot Field Controller System

Reliable Field Control Packed with Features
Application Golf
Number of Stations 80
Type Field Controller


Pilot Field Controller System
Pilot Field Controller System
Pilot Field Controller System
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  • Two voltage settings:
    • 120 VAC nominal voltage at 60/50 Hz (100 to 132 VAC)
    • 230 VAC nominal voltage at 50/60 Hz (200 to 260 VAC)
  • Current requirement:
    • 1 amp under load at 110 VAC
    • 0.7 amp under load at 230 VAC


  • Station: 1 A at 24 VAC
  • Hot post: 0.4 A at 24 VAC
  • Capacity: Three standard 24 VAC Hunter golf rotors per output; 20 maximum simultaneously running stations


  • UHF Radio: 450-470 MHz; other UHF frequencies available for selected markets
  • Spread spectrum radio: 915 MH


  • GCBL: Shielded two twisted pairs, 18 AWG
  • GCBLA: Armored, shielded two twisted pairs, 18 AWG


The Pilot field controller manages up to 80 stations in 10-station increments. The full-featured controller has everything you need in a stand-alone field controller.

For a fully automated, flow-optimized system network all your controllers together with Pilot Command Center software. Communication options include wired, UHF radio and license-free radio. Power options include both 120 VAC and 230 VAC. Advanced troubleshooting features like a UHF radio signal strength meter and extensive system and error logging are complimented by Hunter’s Safety-Toggle™ station switches.

To make things even easier, the only service tool required is a phillips screwdriver – and you don’t even have to bring it with you because we include one with every controller.


Five languages
Up to 80 station outputs in 10-station increments
Up to three Hunter golf Valve-in-Head Technology rotors per station output
Up to 20 simultaneous Hunter golf Valve-in-Head Technology rotors active per controller
32 automatic schedules with eight start times per schedule
Exclusive Safe-Toggle™ Technology for mechanical on-off-auto station switches
1 to 31 day skip-day scheduling
One-touch rain shutdown up to 30 days or indefinitely
One-touch Safe-Pause™ Technology with 30-minute safety timer
1% to 300% run time seasonal adjustment
Seasonal start time adjustment is used to quickly change all start times plus or minus 30 minutes
PilotFCP Utility enables remote scheduling from a computer or tablet for basic course irrigation management

Funkcje zaawansowane

The large, illuminated keypad with a backlit display includes convenient function buttons for the most commonly used features. Built in system diagnostics make troubleshooting your system a breeze.

Pilot Central Control Light

In addition to control panel indications, diagnostic lights on controller modules visually tell you if stations are running, station outputs have overloaded and much, much more.

Golf Irrigation Controller Wiring

The only tool required is a Phillips screwdriver and you don't even have to bring one because we include it with every controller.

Color-coded modular components with captured screws so they won't get lost, making it easy to assemble and troubleshoot. Safety-Toggle station switches ensure station cannot be accidentally left on.  Any time they are used Pilot logs the fact so you always know what has happened.

Golf Irrigation Controller Wiring

No exposed circuitry or loose wires. All circuit boards are encapsulated in polyurethane to protect them from moisture, insects and temperature extremes. The horizonal alignment of station wire terminals makes wiring up the controller a snap.  We even include zip tie anchors to help keep wiring neat and out of the way.

Golf Irrigation Controller Wiring

This program enables remote scheduling from a computer or tablet for convenient course irrigation management. It also unlocks convenient field hardware commands such as remotely running blocks manually.


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