Proven Water Savers

Hunter Proven Water Savers


Hunter’s focus is to develop innovative, professional products for efficient irrigation. Hunter’s proven water-saving products combine efficient water use with sustainable design, allowing the products to last for years in outdoor environments. In the hands of the professional contractor, Hunter products will help save water, no matter what type of landscape is being irrigated or where it’s located.

Smart Control with Solar Sync

Smart Control Made Simple

All Hunter AC-powered controllers - X-Core, Pro-C, I-Core and ACC are EPA WaterSense certified smart controllers when paired with the Solar Sync sensor. The Solar Sync weather sensor automatically adjusts run times based on onsite weather conditions. Learn More 


MP Rotator

The World's Most Efficient Sprinkler Nozzle

The MP Rotator applies multiple streams of water slowly and evenly, mimicking natural rainfall that gently soaks into the soil without runoff. The various streams of the MP Rotator allow it to target all areas of the landscape evenly, yielding superior uniformity over traditional spray nozzles. Even with a longer run time than sprays, the MP Rotator still saves water because of its slow application rate and even coverage. It’s been proven to reduce system water usage by 30%.
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Professional Landscape Dripline

Built for Reliability and Efficiency

Hunter PLD is professional-grade dripline that applies water slowly and evenly for consistent distribution so water soaks in gradually. Designed with the demands of irrigation professionals in mind, PLD reliably provides water where you need it without the concerns of overspray and heavy water waste.
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Flow Sensor

Flow Monitoring with Irrigation Overflow Shut-off

Keeps track of site water use for irrigation and provides overflow protection in the event of a pipe breakage or sprinkler damage.
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Pro-Spray PRS30 and PRS40

Rugged Spray Body Pressure Regulation

Hunter Pro-Sprays are the most rugged pop-up sprinklers in the industry. The pressure- regulated models are an efficient and sustainable choice that offer the optimal pressure for peak system performance. PRS30 at 30 PSI is the optimal pressure for spray nozzles. PRS40 and 40 PSI is the optimal pressure for MP Rotators.
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Check Valves

Helps Keep Water From Draining Between Cycles

An economical water saver that eliminates drainage from sprinklers lowest in elevation. Check valves can be installed as a separate device or as an internal part of a sprinkler. Learn More  



Pressure Regulation at the Valve

Accu-Sync regulates pressure at the valve to prevent high pressure, eliminating misting and runoff from sprinklers. Accu-Sync is available in fixed or adjustable pressure regulation to meet the needs of any system. Learn More