Holly Residence (Harrison/McFarlane Residence)
Los Angeles, CA
United States

Site Profile

Landscape Application:
10,000 ft²

The Holly residence is a 1938 colonial-revival home located in a historic neighborhood on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles. Unique and well-designed yards are hallmarks of this area. The clients reached out to landscape architecture firm Shawn Maestretti Garden Architecture with the hopes of introducing native habitats and food for birds and other pollinators. Through precedent research, property analysis, and a conceptual design process, the firm developed a historically appropriate layout for the property inspired by the colonial-revival gardens of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The garden includes classical elements such as axial paths, cruciform features, an alley of trees, an informal kitchen garden, and beautifully laid brick walkways. Though the garden is organized in a formal manner, the planting design consists of 90% California native plants to convey home-state pride, honor biodiversity, and respect the use of water.

The Challenge

The home is located in Southern California, where water usage is a concern and at times restricted. The existing system was dated and needed an upgrade to properly accommodate the new design. The firm had to repurpose material wherever possible to promote waste-reduction practices. This requirement applied to both hardscape materials and green waste.

The Solution

The firm chose a Pro-HC controller with Hydrawise technology to promote smart irrigation and water-efficient practices. In the front yard of the property, drip irrigation was installed with no visible running water maintain the aesthetics of the landscape design. Berms were constructed to hold moisture, promote a fertile growing environment, and provide visual interest. In addition, two raised vegetable gardens were added with irrigation from Hunter drip products. The firm favors Hunter solutions because Hunter continues to take a stance in sustainability and recycled products and back its solutions with exceptional support.

The Result

The Holly residence now includes a beautiful, sustainable, and historically appropriate garden space with a smart irrigation system that effectively irrigates a variety of plant types. Thanks to the native plant choices, most of the landscape thrives on rainwater and adds supplemental only in especially hot, dry years. Year-round irrigation for the vegetable and rose gardens is ensured thanks to Hunter solutions.