Golfcrest Country Club
Pearland, TX
United States

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Landscape Application:
Golf Course
18 Holes
29 ft (12 m)
Championship course improves playing surfaces by switching to Hunter's G885 rotors

Golfcrest is a private member-owned 18-hole country club located in Pearland, TX, just 20 miles south of downtown Houston and 30 miles north of the Gulf of Mexico. Its construction in 1970 involved transporting in 160,000 cubic yards (122,329 cubic meters) of sandy loam soil to create new contours and mounding on the fairways and surrounding the elevated greens. This process also created a system of strategically-placed lakes and ponds to complement the challenge of the course. The design incorporates Apple Creek which winds through the densely wooded course. Sterling Golf Inc. manages the Golfcrest course alongside other notable courses such as Sterling Country Club and Houston National Golf Club.

The Challenge

This par 72 course includes more than 125 Acres (51 Hectacres) of turf that must be maintained and managed year-round. Because the course is member-owned and governed, the demand to maintain excellent playing conditions at all times is an added pressure for the golf course superintendent and crew.

With its close proximity to the Gulf of Mexico, weather can be severe at times with heavy rain events, hot and humid summers, and frequent high wind conditions. The existing irrigation system utilized the leading competitor's rotor which provided poor distribution uniformity on and around the greens causing unsightly and inconsistent conditions while wasting a considerable amount of water.  

The Solution

The members approved an equipment upgrade to Hunter's G885 golf rotors.  With the highest torque output of any golf rotor on the market and patented gear drive, it was the perfect choice to achieve a high degree of uniformity in the windiest conditions.

After evaluating all major golf irrigation manufacturers, the Golfcrest team chose to invest in Hunter products.  When asked why the course decided on the Hunter brand, Carter Hindes, Director of Agronomy for Sterling Golf Inc. stated, “The quality of Hunter products speaks for itself and their support staff is the best in the business.” 

The Result

The new Hunter G885 rotors provided a superior result upon installation.  “The precise distribution of water, even during windy conditions, delivered higher turf quality on and around the greens as well as increased consistency of playing conditions. Additionally, we have seen a reduction in water use of 30 percent thanks to Hunter’s efficient golf rotor and nozzle options.” stated Mr. Hindes.  

The improved playing conditions are often acknowledged by the members of the course, reinforcing the decision to upgrade to Hunter products to benefit to the course and its members. Hunter's golf rotors provided a 30 percent reduction in the annual irrigation water usage for the course.  This results in an ongoing savings of approximately 18 million gallons (68 million liters) every year.  

Chart showing Golfcrest annual irrigation water usage in gallons

Reduction in water use was achieved by switching out rotors around greens only. Additional potential savings may be present.

Annual rainfall for year before Hunter products were installed – 46 inches (117 cm).  Annual rainfall for year after Hunter products were installed – 45 inches (114 cm).