PebbleCreek Villas 43B
Goodyear, AZ
United States

Site Profile

Landscape Application:
Planned Community
3.5 acres (1.4 hectares)
Temperature Range:
65°F to 106°F (18°C to 41°C)
1,000' (304 m)

The PebbleCreek Villas 43B community is a homeowners’ association (HOA) situated on 3.5 acres (1.4 hectares) of land within the beautiful PebbleCreek Golf Resort in Goodyear, Arizona. Originally established in 2014, the HOA is dedicated to promoting neighborhood pride, encouraging representation in local community issues, and ensuring the beauty, safety, and stability of the surrounding area. 

The Challenge

The PebbleCreek Villas 43B are home to a wide array of plant types, including oleander, tecoma, sage, bougainvillea, cacti, rosemary, bermuda, rye, and other flora. Given the vast range of vegetation on the property, the community’s association sought an irrigation system that could accommodate the unique needs of the various plant types while reducing excessive water consumption. Over time, the community had experienced many challenges with high labor costs, frequent maintenance visits, and wireless connectivity issues among their routers. As a result, the HOA was eager to find a cost-effective irrigation solution that would reduce water consumption without damaging the area’s turf, plants, and trees. 

The Solution

In September 2021, the PebbleCreek Villas 43B group found the answer to their site’s unique challenges in Hunter’s comprehensive irrigation solutions. With water conservation as their top priority, they coordinated the dual installation of Hunter HCC Controllers and Hydrawise Software. Offering expanded station counts and substantial water savings, the Wi-Fi enabled controllers served as the perfect solution for the site’s multiple needs. 

The HOA installed three HCC Controllers with expansion modules to cover a total of 100 zones within the development’s common space. This effectively expanded the station counts for each respective controller from eight to 54 total stations. 

Hydrawise Software with Predictive Watering Technology automates watering adjustments based on local weather data and requires minimal manual adjustments. The community staff also decided to incorporate Hunter Wireless Rain-Clik Sensors into their irrigation system. These devices prevent unnecessary irrigation during rainfall and enable instant alerts when irrigation stops or restarts to accommodate inclement weather conditions. 

The Result

Since upgrading to Hunter’s Hydrawise-enabled HCC Controllers, the property was able to save 2 million gallons of water in a single year! 

“We had estimated that we’d hit our million-gallons-saved mark by year-end, but our water reduction efforts have been so successful that we reached our goal early!” said HOA Vice President and ALC Landscape Manager Sandy Horvath.

Equipped with Hunter’s intuitive, user-friendly solution, the HOA is now effectively cutting costs, reducing maintenance visits, and ensuring long-lasting plant life with more sustainable irrigation practices. “It’s really amazing technology and is really paying off,” said Horvath.

With their new state-of-the-art irrigation system, the PebbleCreek Villas 43B community association can now effectively monitor and manage their water usage while reducing truck roles and cutting labor costs all-year-round.