The Ritz-Carlton, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia

Site Profile

Landscape Application:
52 acres
Temperature Range:
49°F to 113°F
2008 feet

Ritz-Carlton® hotels and resorts are renowned globally for their elegance and sophistication — qualities reflected in the surrounding architecture and landscapes. The majestic grounds and carefully manicured gardens of each Ritz-Carlton property are key elements of the brand’s tenets of beauty and luxury.

The Challenge

The irrigation system at the ultra-luxurious Ritz-Carlton in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, was showing signs of poor efficiency. Existing zones resulted in overspray and runoff onto walkways, creating a safety hazard and obvious water waste. At the same time, many turf areas experienced abnormal water pooling, while other parts of the landscape showed dry brown spots. The combination of these problems clearly illustrated the spray system’s poor functionality. Additionally, as seasons and temperatures changed, the run times were not updated accordingly, leading to further overwatering. These problems meant the landscape was not reflecting the elegance expected of the Ritz-Carlton brand. Management needed a solution fast.

The Solution

To address pedestrian safety and reduce water waste, prevention of runoff was management’s primary concern. Seeing the low application rate of the MP Rotator®, management agreed to change three of their worst zones to MP Rotators as a test. They used a range of MP Rotators to cover areas of 8 to 30 feet (2.4 to 9.1 meters) with matched precipitation. In addition, they added a Solar Sync® sensor to the system to better manage seasonal adjustments. Not only were the runoff and puddling issues eliminated, but the turf became healthier from the improved coverage. After seeing the results, management was comfortable switching the remaining sprays to MP Rotators.

Product details: MP1000 90°-210°, MP2000 90°-210°, MP3000 90°-210°, MP3000 360°, MP800 90°-210°, Solar Sync.

The Result

Combining the high distribution uniformity and low precipitation rate of the MP Rotator with the seasonal adjustment capabilities of the Solar Sync, the hotel decreased its landscape water use from 3,117,912 gallons (11,802,581 liters) to 2,058,050 gallons (7,790,567 liters) over an 11-month period — an incredible 34% reduction. 


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