Al Bidda Park

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Landscape Application:
200 ha
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The Private Engineering Office (PEO) is the civil development division of the Private Affairs Office of the Emir of Qatar. As part of its task to develop the heart of the capital city of Doha, the PEO sought to transform the large open spaces around the main crescent road and the popular Doha Corniche, or waterfront promenade, into a world-class park and recreation space for the public. The project became known as Al Bidda Park. The goals for the park were for it to be lush and green and to require low maintenance.

The Challenge

Al Bidda Park needed to be kept in impeccable condition with a reliable and proven irrigation solution that met budgetary requirements. Officials wanted maximize water savings, stop runoff onto the main road and park walkways, and minimize maintenance costs. Hunter and other irrigation suppliers engaged with engineers and designers to present cost comparisons, management plans, and risk assessments. Although at first officials favored a subsurface drip system, they had second thoughts after examining initial expenses as well as the costs necessary to perform ongoing maintenance.

The Solution

Because of the long-term costs associated with the subsurface option, officials turned to a Hunter system comprised of simple, reliable, and proven MP Rotator nozzles, pressure-regulated Pro-Spray PRS40 spray bodies, ICV valves with Accu Sync pressure regulators, and I-25 rotors. With this solution, the system could be easily managed with low-cost maintenance efforts over time. In addition, the system met desired water-savings goals.

The Result

The Hunter system was installed between January 2017 and June 2018. The result yielded cost savings of about 25% compared to using conventional sprays and rotors and more than 50% compared to the initial subsurface drip option. Best of all, Al Bidda Park has transformed into a green, beautiful gathering space for the public. The park is a popular spot for birdwatching and includes a playground, shops, and a cultural heritage center.