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  • Each EZ-1 Decoder must be programmed with a station number (or as the P/MV) before use.
  • Insert EZ-1 red and blue wires into ports on the EZ-DM output module. It does not matter which color goes in which hole. Use the controller face panel (or remote control, if so equipped) to start the station number you want to program into the decoder.
  • When the station is shown running in the controller display, press the PRG button on the EZDM. When the LED illuminates on the decoder, the decoder is programmed with that station’s number. Write the station number on the decoder label with a permanent marker. It is now ready to install in the two-wire path at a valve location.


P/MV (Pump/Mater Valve)

To program P/MV output for decoder: With no stations running, connect the decoder to the port, and press the PRG button on the EZDM. When the decoder LED illuminates, the decoder is programmed as the P/MV output.



Connect a jumper wire from the P/MV terminal on the controller power module, to the P/MV terminal on the decoder output module, for decoder operation of P/MV. If the P/MV output will not be used, or if the P/MV is nearby and will be wired directly to the controller without a decoder, do not install a jumper wire. The P/MV output on the controller power module will operate normally if the jumper wire is not connected.

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