Flexible Hose and Access Through Vault

The Vault sidewalls are a construction-grade fiberglass material. The Manifold and sub-main piping are coupled using the Flexible Stainless Steel Hose. The Flexible Hose is designed to adjust for minor elevation and alignment differences between the Manifold and sub-main piping. The Flexible Inlet Hose replaces the 3" (80 mm) Female Inlet Adapter in the assembly. The mainline service tee location needs to take into account that the ST-H30K will extend outside the Vault by approximately 24" (61 cm). Once incoming sub-main piping and Flexible Hose location is known relative to the Manifold, use a 6" (16 cm) or appropriate sized hole saw to create an access port in the Vault’s sidewall.

For ease of reference, the ST-H30K Flexible Hose has a blue “lay line” indicator line on the exterior of the hose. This lay line indicator should never appear to be twisted. The lay line should always visually appear as a smooth untwisted line between the sub-main and the Manifold. If necessary, adjust the Vault position such to allow a smooth, kink-free, non-twisted Flexible Hose connection from the sub-main piping to the Manifold. If necessary, loosen the grooved coupling between the Flexible Hose and the Butterfly Valve then remove any twist in the Flexible Hose. Retighten when complete.

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