How do I program Interval Days on my Hunter ICC controller?

Interval Watering is a feature that allows you to select the number of days to pass before the next watering day. For example, an interval of 3 will cycle the program once every three days and water on the third day. An interval of 1 is every day and an interval of 2 will water every other day. An interval can be set for any time period up to 31 days.

Selecting Interval Watering

This feature is convenient if you want to have a more consistent watering schedule without having to worry about the day of the week or the date. The interval you select is the number of days between watering. The days remaining indicates how many days until the next watering. For example if you select an interval of 2 with 1 day remaining, watering will begin tomorrow at the scheduled time and then repeat the watering schedule every other day

  1. Turn the dial to Set Days to Water.
  2. Press the    button to move the flashing arrow cursor until it is above the INT position.
  3. Press the    button, the display will now show two numbers. The number on the left represents the interval between watering days. The number on the right represents the days remaining before the next watering occurs.
  4. The interval number will be flashing. Press the    and    buttons to select the number of days desired between watering. A 2 day interval will water every other day.
  5. Press the    button. The days remaining number is now flashing. Press the    or    button  to select the number of days until the next desired watering. 1 day remaining means it will water the tomorrow.

After programming is complete, turn the dial to the RUN position. This will enable automatic operation for all programs that contain a PROGRAM START TIME, a STATION RUN TIME and a DAY TO WATER.

Note: "INT" is on the actual ICC where "Interval" is displayed on the above graphic.

Note: The video below uses a Pro-C controller for demonstration purposes, the procedure is identical on the ICC controller.

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