How do I program my VSX Field Controller?


Facepack Identification

  1. Stops all irrigation; enables and disables Rain Shutdown.
  2. Sets run times and order for stations and Blocks.
  3. Accesses multiple options and controller settings. Different sets of options appear, depending on mode controller is in (with other keys)
  4. Saves field inputs and edits
  5. Selects between fixed choices in the display, and selects Rain Shutdown yes/no when Off is pressed
  6. Alphanumeric buttons for data entry
  7. Clears display error messages; erases Program Name in Edit mode
  8. Determines type of schedule and actual water days On/Off for the selected Program
  9. Navigate backward/forward through displays, Programs, and Option choices, or move active station down or up (Manual mode)
  10. Defines Start Time for automatic Programs; launches Preset programs immediately
  11. Starts one or more stations immediately
  12. Cycles through available Preset names, allows access for creation or editing, or immediate start with Start button
  13. Cycles through available Program names, allows access for creation or editing, or immediate start with Start button
  14. Escapes current function and exits to next highest level

Create a Program

Follow these steps to create a program. Bold text are facepack button names

  1. Program Select to choose.
  2. Options to name the Program
  3. Exit to return to Programming
  4. Schedule to choose and set water days
  5. Start, Enter to set start time
  6. Stations to enter stations and run times.




Stop or Pause Irrigation

Follow these steps to stop or pause the current schedule. Bold text are facepack button names

  • OFF to cancel all (Enter or Toggle to select Rain Shutdown or just stop current irrigation)
  • OPTIONS, ENTER to Pause (OPTIONS, ENTER to Resume)




Start a Station

Follow these steps to manually start a station. Bold text are facepack button names

  1. Manual, type station, Enter, type runtime
  2. Enter to select more stations
  3. Enter to choose Pump & Seq./Sim. operation
  4. Enter to start
  5. Back or Next to start next station down or up




Program Stations

Follow these steps to program a station. Bold text are facepack button names

  1. Stations: Press once to show total, again to show individual stations in a Program.
  2. Choose Event #, then choose Sta # or Block #, then type run time and Enter
  3. Stations again, to program next Event.
  4. Exit to save changes and leave programming.





  • Pause Watering
  • List FC Settings
  • Edit FC Settings
  • Block Programming
  • Remove Program
  • Remove Preset
  • Edit
  • Decoders (if applicable)
  • View SYS Events
  • Del SYS Events
  • Radio Xmit Test (radio FCs only)

Controller Options

(Edit FC Settings)

  • Address
  • Time
  • Date
  • Main % Scale
  • Schedule Length
  • Schedule Day
  • Day Change
  • FCP Inhibit? Response
  • MR Runtime
  • MR Pump
  • PINs


  • Edit Program name
  • Set Program %
  • Scale
  • Cycles
  • Cycle Delay
  • Skip Days
  • Pump

Display Codes

A = Automatic
S = Semi-automatic
Sim = Simultaneous Manual
Seq = Sequential Manual
P = Preset
SYS = System Program Event
SME = System Manual Event

0:47 = Time remaining on current station

Station Options

  • Delete Event
  • Cluster Events
  • Move Event
  • Insert Event
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