How do I program Odd or Even Day Watering on my Hunter Pro-C controller?

Odd or Even day watering schedules are available on all Hunter controllers.

Selecting Odd or Even Days to Water

This feature uses numbered day(s) of the month for watering instead of
specific days of the week (odd days: 1st, 3rd, 5th, etc.; even days: 2nd,
4th, 6th, etc.)

  1. With the cursor on SU press the button once. The icon will flash over ODD.
  2. If this is desired, turn the dial back to the run position.
  3. If even day watering is desired, press the button once. The icon will flash over EVEN. You can move back and forth from ODD to EVEN by pressing the and buttons.

All Hunter controllers will also allow you to program non-water days. For example, if you mow the lawn on Saturday morning, you may not want the irrigation to come on that day. You can select even watering and Saturday as a non-water day. This way, the controller will water every even day but never on Saturday.

After programming, set dial to RUN to enable automatic execution of all selected programs and start times.

NOTE: The 31st of any month and February 29th are always “off” days if Odd watering is selected.

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