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ICD-HP - Flash Update

The programmer itself may be updated after purchase. Hunter Industries may release firmware updates, and these can be used to overwrite or “re-flash” the ICD-HP operating system. This can add new features, or install a newer version of decoder firmware for updating decoders.

Flash updates may be emailed or downloaded. Once received, they must be installed on a computer first. Consult the documentation that accompanies the update program for the correct procedure.

To prepare the ICD-HP for update:

  • Turn the ICD-HP off with its power button.
  • Connect the ICD-HP to the computer with the USB cable, while holding in the ? button.
  • Continue holding the ? button until the display appears and says “DO NOT DISCONNECT – PLEASE WAIT”. Start the update installer on the computer.
  • When the update begins, a progress bar will appear in the ICD-HP display. This update may take several minutes.
  • Do not interrupt the update. Allow it to finish completely. The progress bar will fill in, to show approximate status of the update.

The ICD-HP will restart when the update is finished. The Hunter logo will appear and the new version number will be visible in the display.

Note: If the update software is not started within 2 minutes, the ICD-HP will time out of update mode. The “DO NOT DISCONNECT – PLEASE WAIT” message will disappear, and the ICD-HP will return to normal operating mode or turn off if the operating system update was not completed.

You may restart the update mode at any time.

Turn the ICD-HP off with the power button.

Press and hold the ? button, and turn the ICD-HP power on with the power button. Continue holding the ? button until the display re-appears and says “DO NOT DISCONNECT – PLEASE WAIT”. The ICD-HP will now be in flash update mode again.

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