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Heavy-duty and built to last in any irrigation system, HSJs are available in a multitude of the inlet, outlet, size, and length configurations with one perfect for every preference. Pair them one-for-one with any Hunter golf rotor purchase, and golf rotor warranties are extended from three to five years. These swing joints work extremely well with our commercial line of I-Series rotors as well.  The following topics are discussed in the article below:

  • Flexibility
  • Proper Sealing
  • Installation
  • Pressure Loss
  • Configuration

When programming your NODE BT controller, you can change the NAME for each zone(station) to make it easier to identify the different areas of your landscape.


With this option, you can select interval watering from 1 to 31 days. This feature is convenient if you want to have a more consistent watering schedule without having to worry about the day of the week or the date. The interval you select is the number of days between watering including the water day (e.g; a 2-day internal would water every other day).


To add the controller to Centralus, go to your Centralus account. You must have a free Hunter account to add a controller.

Turn off the controller power using the power switch on the transformer.

For best performance, pair a Hunter valve with a Hunter DC-latching solenoid (P/N #458200). However, existing irrigation systems can be retrofitted with another manufacturer's valve and solenoid.

Hunter has tested and published a retrofittable compatibility chart that operates with the Hunter SVC, WVC, NODE, NODE-BT and XC Hybrid battery-powered controllers requiring 9-11 VDC to function. Some listed DC-latching solenoids below require a reduced system pressure, under 150 PSI (10.34 bar/1034.25 kPa), to ensure proper operation.


CONTROLLER SETTINGS offers more advance features.


MANUAL OPERATION will allow you to turn on the following without changing any of the automatic settings.

Existing program (A, B or C) - This allows you to turn on a program that has set run times and stations automatically programmed.

Single station - This will allow you to turn on any single zone from 1 second to 12 hours.

All stations - This will allow you to turn all station on one after another for a chosen run time.


A schedule (program) needs 3 things for the controller to run automatically.

  • START TIME for the program.
  • RUN TIME for at least one station in that program.
  • DAY TO WATER for the program.

The NODE-BT controller has three programs (A, B, or C) for irrigation available.  Hunter controllers have multiple programs and the ability for each program to have multiple start times.

As an example, if you want to run separate stations (or zones) on different days, you would set up 2 different programs.