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Use the dial to go to Settings, Networking. Verify the address of the controller by viewing Network Info screen.

  1. Press soft key for Wi-Fi Setup.
  2. Check the box for Direct Connect.
  3. Open mobile device settings for Wi-Fi and search for HunterACC-xxxx (where –xxxx is the unique four digit number shown at Network Info), and connect.




بالنسبة لأنظمة الري بالتنقيط من هنتر، نوصي بتركيب أنظمة التنظيم والفلترة على كل التطبيقات السكنية والتجارية.بالنسبة لأنظمة الري بالتنقيط التي تستخدم BTT، نوصي باستخدام فلتر Hunter HFR-075-25 أو فلتر HFR-075-40.يتم تركيب هذه الفلاتر مباشرةً على خرطوم 3/4 بوصة ذي أسنان وتركيب BTT على طرف نظام الفلتر للفلترة وضبط قيمة الضغط (PSI) على 25 أو 40.


The standard MP Rotators have a matched precipitation rate of approximately 0.4 in/hr. This means any standard MP Rotator at any arc or radius can be placed on the same zone. The MP800SR can be configured to work well in head-to-head coverage in either square or triangular layouts. When square spacing is used, the resulting precipitation rate will be approximately 0.8 in/hr. Since this precipitation rate differs from the standard line of MP Rotators, you should zone the MP800 Series separately to maintain matched precipitation within each zone.


It is important to understand that Solar Sync provides a global seasonal adjustment to the controller. This means that all station run times will be modified by the seasonal adjust percentage shown. When programming the controller, the run times should be entered that represent peak season watering schedules. If the Solar Sync is adjusting to the appropriate seasonal adjust value but the run time for a particular station appears to be too long or short, adjust the station run time in the controller programming.


The table below will assist you in identifying the type of region you live in. There are four basic ET regions, each with descriptions of the region, along with typical ET and temperature characteristics. It is recommended that, if possible, the region be chosen based upon average July ET or peak summer ET.


ACC2 can be updated whenever a new version of the operating system or any of the internal modules is released. These updates are available here at the bottom of this article in the resources section. It is always advisable to stay current with controller updates.

Note:  Do not turn off power to the controller or facepack once the update has started. Damage may result.​


Hunter damlama sulama sistemleri için tüm bireysel ve ticari kullanım uygulamalarında basınç düzenlemesi ve filtreleme kullanılmasını öneriyoruz.BTT kullanan damlama sulama sistemleri için Hunter HFR-075-25 veya HFR-075-40 kullanılmasını öneriyoruz.Bu filtreler, doğrudan 3/4" dişli musluk ucuna takılır ve BTT filtreleme ve 25 veya 40 PSI basınç düzenlemesi için filtre sisteminin ucuna takılır.


If your sensor is not turning controller back on after a rain event, you may have debris in the spindle of the rain sensor.  Remove the spindle assembly to check for debris or damage to the disks.



Per i sistemi di irrigazione a goccia Hunter si raccomanda l'impiego di sistemi di regolazione della pressione e di filtraggio in tutte le applicazioni residenziali e professionali.Per gli impianti di irrigazione a goccia che impiegano BTT, si consiglia di utilizzare Hunter HFR-075-25 o HFR-075-40.Questi filtri hanno un filetto da 3/4" e si installano in uscita dal BTT per filtrare l'acqua e regolare la pressione a 25 0 40 PSI .


对于 Hunter 滴灌系统,我们推荐适用于所有住宅和商业应用的压力调节和过滤系统。对于使用 BTT 的滴灌系统,我们建议使用 Hunter HFR-075-25 或 HFR-075-40。过滤器将直接安装在 3/4" 软管螺纹上,而 BTT 将安装在过滤系统末端,该系统用于过滤以及调压至25 PSI 或 40 PSI 。

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