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Your ICR Transmitter comes from the factory with the maximum number of stations set to 9. This means that when you use the UP or DOWN buttons to change the station, you may change it to any number between 1 and 9. However, if you have controllers with more than 9 stations, you will want to increase the stations' maximum number.

The ICR is designed to operate with two groups of Hunter controllers:


Your ROAM Transmitter comes from the factory with the maximum station number set to 15. This means that when you use the UP and DOWN buttons to change the station, you may change it to any number between 1 and 240. However, if you only have a 6-station controller, you will never need to access stations 7 through 9. Likewise, perhaps you will own a Hunter controller like the HCC which can have more than 9 stations. In this case, you would want to access the stations above 9.

Maximum station count per controller model:


When using a ROAM, ROAM-XL, ICR, or SRR remote, you may come across a controller that gives you an ERR or SP ERR message. There are two reasons that would cause one of these messages.

  1. Miswired Smartport
  2. Wrong Station Count on Transmitter

When using the side strip nozzles, there are several different configurations that can be done with any given design. For this reason, we do not publish a PRECIPITATION RATE for these models. We would recommend using the TOTAL AREA METHOD to calculate your rate. 


The BTT controller retrieves the local date and time from the smartphone it is paired with and updates every time a smartphone device is connected. The date and time for the controller can only be changed via smartphone settings. You can test by setting a start time a few minutes after the time displayed on the smartphone. 


It most cases, when using your mobile device, it is easier to navigate when a bookmark is added to your home screen. Please view the steps below for both the iPhone or Android mobile devices.


Heavy-duty and built to last in any irrigation system, HSJs are available in a multitude of the inlet, outlet, size, and length configurations with one perfect for every preference. Pair them one-for-one with any Hunter golf rotor purchase, and golf rotor warranties are extended from three to five years. These swing joints work extremely well with our commercial line of I-Series rotors as well.  The following topics are discussed in the article below:

  • Flexibility
  • Proper Sealing
  • Installation
  • Pressure Loss
  • Configuration

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