The Accu-Sync compares the pressure on the top side of the diaphragm (main water supply pressure) to the downstream pressure.  Pressure is adjusted by the unit forcing the diaphragm downward until the desired pressure is achieved.  The Accu-Sync automatically adjusts to main water supply pressure changes.  To properly set the dynamic pressure (running pressure) on the lateral line with Accu-Sync installed, we recommend doing so using our MP Guage on the last head of the line.  You can purchase a Hunter MP Gauge Assembly (shown below at farthest head) to accurately check the pressure. See

With the Pro-C controller in production for 17 years, we have continueously made upgrades to accommadate the innovative features.  Below you will find every panel we manufactured for the Pro-C model including the NEW wifi replacement front panel.

For information on replacing the front panel, click here.

Hunter makes our products and replacement parts available through our network of authorized distributors. 


Selecting Specific Days of the Week to Water


We would prefer that you use a Hunter valve with a Hunter DC latching solenoid, but we realize that sometimes you may be retrofitting existing systems that have another manufacturer’s valves. We have done testing on the following solenoids and have found these to operate with the Hunter SVC, WVC, NODE and XC Hybrid battery powered controllers. (some of these DC latching solenoids required a reduced system pressure, below 150 PSI (10.34 bars/1034.25 kPa), to ensure proper operation):


Before securing the controller to the wall, you must first remove the lower wiring compartment door. The door can easily be removed by following the simple steps below:

  1. Open the external door using the included key if outdoor version model. Indoor version will have no external door.
  2. The lower wiring compartment door can now be removed by pushing downward. See illustration below:





We recommend that a qualified licensed contractor perform this type of winterization method. The blowout method utilizes an air compressor with a cubic foot per minute (CFM) rating of 80-100 for any mainline of 2" or less. The compressor is attached to the mainline via a quick coupler, hose bib, or other type connection, which is located beyond the backflow device. Compressed air should not be blown through any backflow or flow meter device. For additional winterization procedures, we highly recommend contacting the local dealer for the most common local practices.


Hunter warrants the battery life of the Wireless Rain-Clik (WR-CLIK) and Wireless Solar Sync sensors (WSS) for 10 years (For more infomation on the WRC/WR-CLIK warranty, see below). If a defect in a Hunter product is discovered during the applicable warranty period, Hunter will repair or replace, at its option, the product or the defective part.


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