Pro-C - Components Support

LCD Display

Pro-C Components LCD Display

  1. Main Display: Indicates various times, values, and programmed information
  2. Year: Identifies current calendar year
  3. Month: Identifies current calendar month
  4. Day: Identifies current calendar day
  5. Start Time: Identifies selected program start time
  6. Program Selector: Identifies the program in use: A, B, or C
  7. Station Number: Identifies currently selected station number
  8. Run Time: Allows user to set each valve station run time from 1 minute to 4 hours
  9. Days of the Week: Identifies days of the week to water or not water
  10. Odd/Even Watering: Identifies if odd or even watering days are selected
  11. Interval: Identifies if interval watering has been selected
  12. Seasonal Adjustment: Displays in increments of 5%, the percentage of seasonal adjust that has been selected

Running: Sprinkler icon indicates when watering is occurring

  Rain Drop: Indicates watering will occur on selected day

  Crossed Rain Drop: Indicates watering will NOT occur on selected day

Control Buttons and Switches

Pro-C Components Control Buttons Switches

  1. Increases the selected flashing display
  2. Decreases the selected flashing display
  3. Advances the selected flashing display to the next item, also use to start a manual cycle
  4. Returns selected flashing display to the previous item
  5. Selects programs A, B, and C; also to start a test program
  6. Rain Sensor Bypass: SwitchUse to bypass weather “Clik-type” sensors if one is installed


Control Dial

Pro-C Components Control Dial

  1. Run: Normal dial position for automatic operation
  2. Set Current Date/Time: Set current date and time
  3. Set Program Start Times: Set 1 to 4 start times in each program
  4. Set Station/Run Times: Set each station run time
  5. Set Days to Water: Select individual days to water, odd, even or interval watering schedule
  6. Set Pump Operation: Turn pump or master valve on or off for each station
  7. Seasonal Adjustment: Make global run time changes without programming the controller (from 5% to 300%)
  8. Solar Sync®: Allows user to program settings when using Solar Sync ET sensor
  9. Manual-Single Station: Activates a one time watering of a single station
  10. System Off: Used to discontinue all programs and stop all watering until the dial is returned to the RUN position, or to set the programmable rain off feature


Wiring Compartment

Pro-C Components Wiring Compartment

  1. 9-Volt Battery: An alkaline battery (not included) allows programming of the controller without AC power
  2. Reset Button: This button will reset the controller. All programmed data will remain intact
  3. Power Area: Used to attach transformer, sensor wires, and other systems to the controller
  4. SmartPort® Input Terminals: Used to connect  a SmartPort, which enables  Hunter remote controls
  5. Transformer: A transformer is installed (Outdoor models only, indoor models are supplied with a plug-in transformer)
  6. Junction Box: This box provides an area for connecting primary AC power (Outdoor models only)
  7. Ground Lug: For additional surge protection, connect lug to earth ground
  8. Sensor Terminals: Used to connect Hunter Solar Sync or “Clik-type” sensors
  9. Power Slide:Release to remove or insert Pro-C modules

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