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10 May, 2019

Station # ERR Message CAUSE - The Station # ERR (for example 1 ERR) is a diagnostic message that appears when your controller is detecting a fault on that corresponding irrigation zone. SOLUTION - To determine the cause of this message it is necessary to follow a series of steps. Disconnect the faulting wire from the controllers screw terminal and switch it with a wire that is working. For example if zone #2 faults, disconnect the #2 wire from the controller and put it in the #1 screw terminal and put the #1 wire into the #2 screw terminal. Now try to run zone 1. If zone 1 now faults out, it is confirmed that there is a short in the wire from the controller to your zone valve, a short in the connections to the wire or at the valve solenoid itself. You can further confirm the problem is in the original #2 wire by now trying to run zone #2. If the wire connected to screw terminal #2 now turns on our original zone #1, it is further confirmation the problem is with the original #2 wire or connections. If the wire connections are good, the error message may indicate a bad solenoid. If you need a new solenoid, Hunter makes our products and replacement parts available through our Network of authorized distributors. Please click on the link below to find an Authorized Hunter Distributor in your area.

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